Transfer Credit

Your prior experience and coursework matter

You've worked hard to get where you are, and it's important to have this work counted. Whether you're wanting to see how a course you've taken will count at IU Indianapolis or you want to learn more about testing out of certain courses, we'll help answer your questions.

What is transfer credit? IU Indianapolis defines transfer credit as any credit awarded for coursework completed outside of the Indiana University system.

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We know there's a lot to figure out when you're preparing to transfer to IU Indianapolis. We're here to help. Learn about the transfer process, how credits can transfer, and what resources are here to support you.

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Credit for prior learning

Our transfer and adult students come to IU Indianapolis from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, many of which involve college-level learning.

Some schools and programs provide pathways for you to attain college credit for knowledge you have already mastered outside the traditional classroom.

Types of credit assessment include

  • portfolios
  • test out
  • credit-by-exam
  • certifications
  • military experience
  • transfer credit

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Transfer as a Junior Programs

These programs, also known as Transfer Single Articulation Pathways (TSAP), are for students participating in the Passport Program and transferring from a qualifying Ivy Tech campus. They enable students to transfer to IU Indianapolis with junior status.

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2+2 Programs

Also known as articulation agreements, 2+2 programs outline course requirements at qualifying Ivy Tech campuses and IU Indianapolis to streamline your path to graduation.

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1+3 Programs

Also known as Indiana's Statewide Transfer General Education Core (STGEC), this pathway helps you begin as a sophomore at any Indiana four-year institution.

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Please note: Any Ivy tech student completing the STGEC and taking MATH123 may need to take more math classes after transferring, depending on the major you choose.

Dual Admission Program

By indicating interest in the dual admission program when applying to Ivy Tech Indianapolis, students can transfer to IU Indianapolis without having to apply for admission at IU Indianapolis.

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