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KATHRYN: Hello. My name is Kathryn. And I work for the Center for Transfer and Adult Students. And today I wanted to highlight a few IUPUI resources that will help you find success at IUPUI as a transfer or adult student. The first resource that I want to start with today is the Bepko Learning Center.
If it's been a while since you've been back in school, this is going to be a great resource specifically for you. But it's one that all students should utilize whenever they need. The Bepko Learning Center is a place where you can find information about a variety of things, but what I want to focus on today is the tutoring.
So you can see there are lots of different ways to find tutoring. The one that I want to highlight is free departmental tutoring. So let's say that you're in a math class, and you like me have not taken a math class in quite a while. The Math Assistance Center is going to be a great place for you to go and get help with whatever math class it is that you're currently taking.
I also want to highlight the University Writing Center. If you are someone who hasn't had to write an academic paper in a long time, this is a great place to go to get assistance with anything spanning from the brainstorming of a paper, all the way through to the final edits.
So if you're in a class and you feel like you need some additional academic support, be sure to check out the Bepko Learning Center to start to figure out what options are available for you no matter the subject. The next resource that I want to talk about is an amalgamation of resources that we call the registry of options and resources, a.k.a. ROAR for short.
This is a resource that highlights a variety of both community and IUPUI resources to help students with whatever their needs are, whether it be food access, transportation, clothing, child care. Whatever it is, this is a good place to start and figure out what all resources exist for whatever hardships you may be dealing with.
The next resource that I want to highlight is one that focuses on student advocacy. Let's say that you are having issues with a class, and you feel as though you haven't been treated fairly by a professor. After going through the appropriate channels, like talking to the professor directly and speaking with your advisor, if you feel like you still need support, student advocacy can be a great place for you to turn.
They can help with a variety of different topics like withdrawing from all of your classes in the case of illness or an unforeseen circumstance. They can help with grade changes and grievances. This is a great place to turn. And if they aren't the correct people to help you with whatever situation, they will help you figure out where to turn and what steps to follow, whatever your issue may be.
The next resource that I want to talk about is the Counseling and Psychological Services, which is widely referred to as CAPS. This is probably one of the most popular student services at IUPUI. And it is a way for students to receive mental health counseling.
If you are coming as a transfer student from Ivy Tech, you may be used to receiving free counseling services through Ivy Cares. CAPS is going to be a great equivalent to continue those services during your time at IUPUI. As a student at IUPUI, you have two free sessions to take advantage of each semester. And I highly recommend you do, so regardless of if you're currently struggling with a mental illness or not.
Beyond just one on one sessions, they also offer a variety of other services, like wellness programs that take place each month and group counseling sessions as well. All of these resources will be linked in the description of this video. So feel free to check them out and sign up for which ones you find most beneficial to you.
The services that we have talked about so far have dealt with a variety of different dimensions of wellness. But if you feel as though the options that I've listed don't quite get to the support that you need, then I recommend checking out the health and wellness coaching that IUPUI offers.
At IUPUI we believe in the eight dimensions of wellness, including physical, emotional, social, intellectual, financial, occupational, environmental, and spiritual wellness. Like I said before, the resources that I highlighted already have dealt with some of these dimensions of wellness, but not all of them.
So coaching can be a great way to get one on one support or for whatever area you want to focus on. This coaching opportunity is free, and can be utilized as little or as often as you need it to be. So it's definitely a great one to check out.
If you're looking for coaching that is more geared towards your success as specifically a transfer or adult student, or you're looking for guidance in whatever career it is that you choose to pursue after graduation, I want to lastly plug the Center for Transfer and Adult Student's Career and Success Coaching.
We have staff that are able to meet you where you are and your specific needs as a transfer or adult student. You can find information about our career planning and our academic coaching on our website And you can contact us using this link up in the top right corner.
You can also reach out specifically to members of our team who work with students on career consulting or success coaching. So feel free to explore our website and learn about all of the options that CTAS has available to support, transfer, and adult students.
These resources are just a few of the many that are offered at IUPUI, but they are some that we find most helpful for transfer and adult students. If you want to look at other resources that are available at IUPUI, please check out the description of this video to find a comprehensive list of every services offered at IUPUI.
Additionally, you can find services specifically geared towards diversity and student experience. If you have questions about any of this information, feel free to email us at, and we will get back to you as soon as we can. We're so excited to have you at IUPUI. And we are here to support you every step of the way. Thanks for watching.

We offer success coaching and career consulting within the Center for Transfer and Adult Students to assist you as you achieve success as a student and maintain wellness as a human.

Office of Student Advocacy and Support

The Office of Student Advocacy and Support can help you navigate life’s ups and downs and make sure you have the support you need to succeed inside and outside of the classroom.

Office for Veterans and Military Personnel (OVMP)

The Office for Veterans and Military Personnel strives to support military-connected students by providing the resources necessary for personal wellbeing, academic success, and career preparation. They also help students with questions related to the GI Bill.

  • Location: Campus Center, CE 268
  • Phone: 317-278-9163

Housing and Residence Life

Creates secure and convenient on-campus living communities that foster growth, educational success, social responsibility, cultural understanding, and leadership.

  • Location: 415 Porto Alegre St., Ste. 150

  • Email:

  • Phone: 317-274-7200

Housing and Residence Life

University Information and Technology Services (UITS)

Assists students with tech questions through chat, phone, and email.


IU Police Department at IU Indianapolis (IUPD)

Serves our campus as a law enforcement agency. Provides information about emergency weather and crime alerts -and how to ask for a police escort to walk with you across campus, any time of day, any day of the year.


Seek academic support

Academic and Career Development (ACD)

Helps University College students develop an academic plan that will help them attain their career goals. Also helps with career exploration and preparation.

ACD website

Adaptive Educational Services (AES)

Provides appropriate accommodations to assist students with documented disabilities so all students have an equal opportunity to succeed at IU Indianapolis.

  • Location: Taylor Hall, UC 100
  • Email:
  • Phone: 317-274-4856

AES website

Bepko Learning Center (BLC)

Assists undergraduate students by offering various kinds of tutoring, success coaching, and academic mentoring.

BLC website

Mathematics Assistance Center (MAC)

The Mathematics Assistance Center (MAC) is an open access learning commons that offers collaboration and support for all mathematics students.

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Online Speaker's Lab

The Speaker's Lab has both virtual and in-person resources for all students at IU Indianapolis. Mentors in the Lab assist students with speech outlines, speaking with confidence, creating impactful visual aids - and more!

  • Location: Cavanaugh Hall (CA) Room 001G
  • Email:
  • Phone: 317-278-7940

Online Speaker's Lab

University Writing Center (UWC)

The University Writing Center (UWC) is a program available to all IU Indianapolis students, both graduate and undergraduate. Students can work one-on-one, either in-person or virtually, with experienced readers and writers to improve their writing process and receive constructive feedback on their assignments.

  • Location(s): Cavanaugh 008H and University Library 2125
  • Phone: 317-274-2049

UWC website

Find wellness resources

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Provides mental health services for IU Indianapolis students, including group and individual counseling, medication management, and testing. Provides support to the IU Indianapolis community through consultation, outreach, and educational workshops.

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Health and Wellness Promotion (HWP)

Empowers students to thrive and achieve lifelong success through experiences that cultivate holistic well-being through training, workshops, and consultation services regarding nutrition, substance use, and much more.

  • Location: Campus Center, CE 350
  • Phone: 317-274-4204

HWP website


Manage your finances


MoneySmarts helps students like you make informed financial decisions before, during, and after college. They can help you establish good money habits and reduce student debt as much as possible.

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Office of the Bursar

Coordinates and supports all financial transactions related to tuition and study abroad charges.

Office of the Bursar

Office of Student Financial Services

Offers information about grants, scholarships, loans, and other opportunities for financial assistance

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