Biology | Fall 2018

College-wide curricula of record

The AS in Biology curriculum at Ivy Tech is valid in the following locations:

Anderson - Bloomington - Columbus - Evansville - Fort Wayne - Gary - Indianapolis - Kokomo - Lafayette - Lawrenceburg - Madison - Sellersburg - South Bend - Terre Haute - Valparaiso

Ivy Tech curriculum details

  • This program transfers to IU Indianapolis’s Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Informatics, Premedical Bioinformatics Specialization.
  • Agreement applies to courses taken at Ivy Tech beginning fall 2016. Courses covered by previous transfer agreements still in effect will transfer as specified in those agreements. All other coursework taken prior to fall 2016 will be evaluated by the faculty of IU Indianapolis to determine transferability.

Symbol Key

^ = Capstone Course

Your first two years at Ivy Tech

Course number Course name Credit hours
ENGL 111English Composition3
IVYT 111Student Success in University Transfer1
BIOL 105Biology I-Molecular and Cellular Processes5
CHEM 105General Chemistry I5
Semester total: 14

Course number Course name Credit hours
BIOL 107Biology II-Diversity of Life5
CHEM 106General Chemistry II5
ENGL 112Exposition and Persuasion3
XXXX XXXSocial and Behavioral Ways of Knowing Elective (choose PSYC 101)3
Semester total: 16

Course number Course name Credit hours
COMM 101Fundamentals of Public Speaking3
MATH 211Calculus I4
PHYS 101Physics I4
BIOL 221Molecular Biology4
Semester total: 15

Course number Course name Credit hours
XXXX XXXHumanistic and Artistic Ways of Knowing Elective3-4
BIOL 279Biology Capstone1
XXXX XXXSTGEC Elective (Calculus II—MATH 212)4
PHYS 102Physics II4
Select one of the following:
BIOL 240Ecology4
BIOL 222Genetics4
Semester total: 15-16
AS Biology total credits: 60

IU Indianapolis curriculum details

  • Maximum of 64 Community College credits may be applied toward the IU Indianapolis degree.
  • Total 125 credit hours required to earn this IU Indianapolis degree.